Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long dark night

For a number of reasons, it's been a while since I posted. First, I have been writing, but for other outlets. I'll post links when the articles are available. Second, I've been struggling with a dying computer, so I now spend the first half hour or so of every session trying to get everything up and running normally. All very disheartening, but I've ordered a new one, so this problem should go away in the next couple of weeks.

And finally, we've been traveling, to northern Arizona, specifically to Monument Valley on the Navajo reservation. The best way to see this massive series of rock formations is in a jeep, and there are a number of companies who will take small groups out. Although there is a road that goes through the park, I wouldn't take anything less than a four-wheel drive vehicle on it, and in addition there are vast sections of the park that are closed to vehicular traffic except for the licensed guides. We took two tours, including one at sunrise where I took the picture at the beginning of the post.

Posts about music will return, real soon now.

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