Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've had a couple of positive attentions recently. First, Distance Learning Net has included Classical-Drone among the top 100 musicology blogs. It's an august group overall, including nearly everybody in my blogroll and some sites that are new to me (and which I'll be perusing). In addition, Distance Learning Net has lots of information about online education, and their blog has other interesting productivity posts, well worth tracking and a good resource for future endeavors.

The second recognition is the inclusion of Cathedral on Mystery Sea's best of 2008 list. I haven't written anything specifically about Mystery Sea yet, but it's one of the top ambient music boutique labels, with an artist roster ranging across the celebrity spectrum. Prolific artists like Celer and Michael Northam have releases alongside relative newcomers. The releases are uniformly gorgeous, all keeping with a subaquatic theme. Their only downside is that each release is limited to 100 copies, and they are not available on any download platform. Their newest releases are generally available through Aquarius or can be ordered directly from Mystery Sea, with relatively quick delivery to the US.

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