Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CD Moribundus, continued

Once again, the Lefsetz letter is spot on with its analysis of why CD sales are tanking. The problem that Lefsetz identifies that strikes home for me is, how do we discover new music? The new broadcasting royalty rules are designed to kill internet radio, which currently has enough niches for me to do some fruitful discovery (I like Post-Classic and the ambient station Drone Zone). Lefsetz's point about embracing indie stores is also true; I like Aquarius, Mimaroglu, Forced Exposure, and Erstwhile distribution, and I have a relationship with all of them. I've mentioned before (here and here) how much I'd like to eliminate the CD, and still believe that there is ample opportunity for a new business model that reflects how listeners really want to listen to music, and not how corporate beancounters think we should help their bottom line.

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