Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pop goes the iPod

The iPod discussion that started over at Dial M has continued. Apparently some people are surprised that classical music lovers have pop music on their iPods. The iPod is merely the most recent step in music reproduction devices towards increased convenience and decreased sound quality. There are plenty of times that these two factors are desirable, e.g., during exercise, in the car, providing low volume background music at gatherings with friends, or late at night preparing for sleep. But often when I listen to classical music, I'm often following along in the score or desiring a more close listening session, and as long as I'm in my studio anyway, I'll listen to the CD because the sound is better. Professor Gann uses his iPod to hold every piece he's ever mentioned in class, so his iPod would probably have a lot of classical music, but it is most likely the convenience factor that leads him to use this tool. For all I know, he has a completely different iPod to hold his vast collection of microtonal speed metal.

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